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Testimonials: A Sure Way to Boost Your Career

Testimonials are a powerful way to boost your reputation, credibility and career. Potential employers pay attention to this; trust me. If they can identify with the person sharing their positive experience, they’re more likely to see the value and trust the person giving the testimonial and you.
Here are some tips on When, Who and How to ask for them.

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The Value of Persistence

Looking for a job is a daunting challenge.  If you are working and tired at the end of a long day, the last thing that you want to do is to add another task on your plate.  If you are not employed…

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Vantage Point Recruiting Podcast: Adapting to Change, Part 1

It’s quite evident that technology is changing things in the workforce setting. Employers need to face this fact, so they can overcome the challenge of adapting to change. In this Vantage Point Recruiting podcast, Jay Casavant and Uli Stewart share ways companies can thrive by adapting to change, supporting employees and so much more.

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Vantage Point Recruiting Podcast: How Businesses Benefit from Recruiters

Businesses, like Vantage Point Recruiting, hand-picks the best types of people to meet each company’s needs. They help them identify the key attributes, as well as develop systems to meet the company’s specific needs. But the recruiting process doesn’t end there…  After placing an individual in a certain organization, it’s essential for a recruiter to track the […]

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The Zipcar Story: Strong Leadership, Savvy Marketing and Key Hiring Enables Rapid Growth

Scott Griffith was a hired gun who was selected to bring a floundering startup that was underfunded and unable on its own to get to those levels of efficiency to become a global leader in the business. Proper leadership established a strong brand / marketing brand internal as well as externally to capture the market then execute on how to keep up with the business needs as it grew exponentially.

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Vantage Point Recruiting Video: Hinckley Yachts in Rapid Growth Hiring Mode

Working in the fast paced, exciting yacht manufacturing business. Kelly characterizes their workforce as highly skilled craftsmen that take great pride in their work. With their growth comes the challenge of expanding their highly skilled team in a competitive industry within a small demographic area. Their custom boats require and infinite amount of detail and care, which has made them world renown in the market place.

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