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Pursuing a job change is a critical part of any person’s future.

While the process can be stressful, it is a necessary commitment. We understand this and pride ourselves on fully understanding the needs of our prospective candidates. We encourage only those who are serious about making this commitment.

Sharing information with our clients and candidates is important in building trust for those long lasting relationships. Our 25+ years of industry knowledge and intelligence provides you with insight enabling you to make those important career choices that are best for you.

Learn About Our Process

A process that leads you to a better career path.


Career AdVantage

Getting to know you, the building blocks for a long term relationship. Understanding your wants, needs and motivations.

1. Pre-Search Assessment

What, how and why. We review your Pre-Search Assessment for defining information, discussing rules of engagement, determining objectives and areas of opportunity, frequency of contact, give initial perspective for viability.

2. Discover

Initiating long term partnering for finding career opportunities. We ensure your credentials and accomplishments are verifiable and easily accessed, and put you in the best light for prospective employers to consider.

3. Collaborate

We make sure you are fully prepared to make the best impression when the opportunity arises. Vantage Point's longstanding relationships with employers throughout New England help provide you with the necessary tools to guide you through a successful introduction process.

4. Orient

We present you in a manner that hits home with the company stakeholders, who will benefit most. We arrange the interview. Following the interview, we debrief both parties to ensure that requirements, needs and compatibility are aligned.

5. Present

We facilitate the transition to make sure your first day is your start to a great career. We stay in touch to ensure that candidate and company expectations are met.

6. Placement

Create a customized search plan that sets you apart from the crowd >


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“Participating in this process helped me better understand what I wanted and why. Jay was very good at coaching me and providing resources to help me learn how to present myself in a concise and direct manner.”
Matt Snow
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, University of Maine, Orono, Maine

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