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How can you be sure that you made the right hire?

Following a deliberate, carefully planned process is the only way to ensure that the hiring decision you make will fit your needs. Vantage Point knows this and has designed adVantage™ to ensure that your hiring decisions are based on verifiable data uncovered through our skills and behavioral assessment.

adVantage™ is our proprietary method for finding and vetting the best candidates for the job. It works because it has been refined through years of experience, and consistent success.

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Your assurance of hiring the best candidate available.


Our Process: AdVantage

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Identify areas of expertise, fit, management philosophy and critical needs within the recruitment and hiring process.


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Develop a thorough understanding of the job requirements to identify hierarchy of needs, along with desired behaviors and attributes.


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We source and screen effectively - making sure selected candidates are on target for interview consideration and highly motivated for the opportunity.


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Our rigorous assessment of expertise, skills, personality and cultural fit.


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Assessing reference information that is accurate, pertinent and unbiased.


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Qualified candidates are thoroughly briefed on the position and the company; management style, challenges, philosophy, environment; your individual needs and your company’s.


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We propose only those candidates that meet your guidelines, providing relevant information necessary for your evaluation.


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Coordinate interviews, followed by a debriefing to collaborate on viability for fit.


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We handle all the details making sure the successful candidate transitions smoothly. Keeping in touch with both parties to determine long range fit is essential.


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Services for Success

We offer consultative services tailored to our client’s needs. Our consultative services include job description development, salary assessment and company branding advice in addition to our core services.

Contingency Search

A direct hire solution where we search for candidates that best suit your needs. Our fee is paid upon delivery of services. When the candidate we recruit is given an offer by you, and starts to work, we invoice accordingly. Terms for payment and guarantee are established up front with our signed direct fee agreement.

Retained Search

A direct hire solution with agreed upon time reserved to dedicate our resources to fulfill urgent high profile requirement. A Non-refundable payment is required up front and the remainder of the fee is payable upon the interview and candidate start timeframes. Our retained search agreement requires authorization prior to our engagement.

Contract Employment Search

When there is a need for a candidate that is not permanent or you prefer to hire to not be on the payroll, we offer contract employment as an option. Our search for the best talent applies but the candidates work on our payroll and are invoiced to you on an hourly basis. We are responsible for paying all insurance, payroll taxes and company benefits. When the services are no longer needed, you end the contract and assume no costs of unemployment compensation.

Temp to Perm Hire

Our recruited candidate is brought into your company as a contract employee on a trial basis to determine fit with the permanent hire in mind. When you are looking to see the candidate in the proposed position prior to making the commitment to hire, there is an agreed upon timeframe for a trial to best determine the fit for the candidate in the role. The candidate can be assumed at any time with the payment of a pre-designated prorated fee schedule.

Hit The Mark


“A true partner in finding us qualified candidates, pre-screened for our particular needs. They have placed a number of candidates in our organization. All of the candidates provided are of top quality.”
Established Vermont Manufacturer

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