Working with a Recruiter – Is it Right for You?

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Motivation comes from within. Your  performance is based upon your motivation and how you feel about what you do. In finding the right challenge, you may need help.   We offer  proven methods for being found and presenting yourself in the best possible light. Our team at Vantage Point  takes great pride in staying current, knowing the market place, developing our relationships, tools and most importantly  getting to know you. Our mission is to find the best opportunities for you that result in a happy and fulfilling career.

Not everyone knows exactly what we do as recruiters, especially if you have never worked with one.  It is a privilege to help you find career advancement, develop stronger networking skills and learn what motivates you. Career fulfillment doesn’t always happen but striving for the best opportunities should be on everyone’s radar.  In the combined 30 years in the business, we relish the opportunity to share our insights and experience to give you that competitive edge.

Interview Preparation – Improve Skills & Outcome

  • Preparation and knowledge breeds confidence. Practice! Practice! Practice! We provide sample questions & suggestions on how to answer them.
  • Get the inside scoop on those whom you’ll meet during the interview, the company, their challenges and the environment before stepping foot in the door. Use this information to connect effectively and plan your strategy on how you will present yourself as a solution. We suggest using Glassdoor but beware of comments from disgruntled employees

Follow Up & Communication Throughout Interview Process

  • Following the interview, we do a debrief to get feedback from you and the company.  Having the ear of both the managers and you has great benefits for alignment.

Access to Unpublished Jobs & Insight into Opportunities

  • We’re talking to companies and people every day discussing hiring’s/firings, history of positions, projects, team dynamics, people transitioning, and upcoming talent needs.
  • Confidential positions are just that and you will not find them on job boards.

Insight into Company Culture, Challenges, Growth Potential, & Leadership

  • Fit is subjective. Long term happiness is the goal. For us to be effective, we want to share the details on the company and position so we can assess fit together.

Set Yourself Apart

  • Chances of getting noticed increase significantly when you have an advocate who is well connected with a company/manager and can effectively propose you to a decision maker.
  • By Understanding your career goals, past successes, motivation and interests, we can be an effective advocate for you. We want to help find the right environment + opportunity where you will flourish.

Salary Insight

  • com and Glassdoor are helpful in determining market price for some jobs but they’re not always accurate. Many factors come into play, including supply and demand, geography within a given state, and company pay structure. Our in-depth knowledge of salaries can  offer you  a good gauge on what’s realistic.

Build your Network

  • We believe in continuously expanding your network and nurturing relationships
  • Stay in touch with your References, as they are your advocates that substantiate what and how you do what you do.
  • We make suggestions for groups that will benefit you + how you can leverage career websites like LinkedIn Visit my blog on The Value of Networking


  • Our relationships are always held in strict confidence. We never divulge our candidates identity without their consent.

Fit & Qualifications Assessment Related to Positions

  • Because of our knowledge on the clients who determine the needs and qualifications, we advise on fit and offer recommendations for future consideration if not currently qualified.

Salary Negotiating Assistance

  • We are advocates for the process where both parties are accurately represented and equally valued.

Our goal is to have a relationships with you and your career  until you retire.

We pride ourselves in staying current, knowing the market, your sweet spot and in helping you achieve your highest level of career success.

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