Vantage Point Recruiting Podcast: Work-Life Balance

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In this day and age, everyone is looking for the 25th hour of the day.

We need to work, yet we all want to be able to live the lives that we want and have as much free time as possible.

In this Vantage Point Recruiting podcast, Jay Casavant and Uli Stewart will discuss work-life balance. They’ll cover what what employers are now up against and how to keep employees happy by coming up with the mix that’s right for the company culture.

What you can expect to learn

– Which factors demand flexible work hours

– How providing flexible hours encourage employees to finish their tasks more efficiently

– Which elements make flexible working hours possible, so employees have better work-life balance

“People are productive – if not maybe more productive sometimes – working from home.” – Uli

Action Items

– Integrate work-and-play in the office environment

– Offer the chance to work remotely

– Go global!

“As companies have grown and technology has advanced it’s made it a lot easier for companies to offer [flexible schedules].” – Uli

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Vantage Point Recruiting helps employers navigate the terrain of what our lives are like and what demands the employees are expecting.

Vantage Point is led by Jay Casavant, who founded the firm in 2007 after being in the high tech recruitment business for 22 years. Uli Stewart is the recruiting manager at Vantage Point Recruiting.

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