Vantage Point Recruiting Podcast: The Modern Workplace

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Modern Workplace FinalWe live in a highly modernized and industrialized age. Competition in the workforce marketplace is increasing continuously, so job seekers really need to equip themselves in order to thrive in their search. For example a strong profile and presence on LinkedIn is a step in the right direction.

In this Vantage Point Recruiting podcast, Jay Casavant and Uli Stewart talk about the modern workplace. They’ll share tips on how to build a successful career and where to get started.

“The computer has really changed the marketplace. We’re talking about mobile web applications… Everything is very split-second.” – Jay

What you can expect to learn

– The new trends in how applicants and companies go to the market-place to find the proper people to fit their needs

– The importance of a good resume

– How to use LinkedIn to find the right a job

– What to include in your profile

– How to get found (aka stand out from the crowd)

Action Items

– Maximize your LinkedIn profile

– Check the profiles of your peers and imitate them

– Subscribe to groups and participate

– Advertise your expertise by contributing as much as possible within groups

“Everybody uses LinkedIn… These recruiters, HR professionals, are going to be looking if you do have a LinkedIn profile as well… How you are presenting yourself out there. ” – Uli

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Vantage Point Recruiting helps employers navigate the terrain of what our lives are like and what demands the employees are expecting.

Vantage Point is led by Jay Casavant, who founded the firm in 2007 after being in the high tech recruitment business for 22 years. Uli Stewart is the recruiting manager at Vantage Point Recruiting. 

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