Vantage Point Recruiting Podcast: Onboarding

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Onboarding Final 3The process of being hired, aka onboarding, is an exciting time for both the new hire and the company!

The onboarding process occurs right after the interview phase, and is when the new hire is introduced to the organization. The purpose of onboarding is to alleviate any anxieties and extend a warm welcome to the new employee. It’s important to let this person know that they are an important element in the group; and that they are going to be valued.

In this Vantage Point Recruiting podcast, Jay Casavant and Uli Stewart talk about their experience with onboarding and share tips on how employers, as well as job seekers/new employees, can prepare.

What you can expect to learn

– The importance of being consistent with the hiring criteria

– Why it is important to broadcast the new hire

– The impact of welcoming a new hire in the organization

“We always promote the people to meet prior to starting. We encourage the individual and the managers to meet prior to starting to talk on a social setting.” – Jay

Action items

For the employer:

– Be consistent with the job description

– Gather feedback from both sides

– Provide manuals and the employee handbook

– Socialize and bond with new hires prior to their start date

For the job seeker:

– Research additional information about the company

– Learn about the people in the organization

– Know the right people to connect with

“The more effective a company can do in that integration process, the quicker the person will get up to speed, feel like a part of the company, and be productive earlier on.” – Uli

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Vantage Point Recruiting helps employers navigate the terrain of what our lives are like and what demands the employees are expecting.

Vantage Point is led by Jay Casavant, who founded the firm in 2007 after being in the high tech recruitment business for 22 years. Uli Stewart is the recruiting manager at Vantage Point Recruiting.

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