Employee +Labor Relations Manager

The Employee & Labor Relations Manager will facilitate and manage employee and labor relations on behalf of the company.


·     Leads and facilitates the employee and labor relations program and related functions.

·     Maintains, develops, recommends, and implements program objectives, policies, and procedures.

·     Develops and pursues new goals and objectives for improvement in areas of employee and labor relations.

·     Communicates with supervisor and managers regarding employee relations concerns; provides guidance and recommendations for resolution of issues.

·     Assists managers and supervisors in understanding and implementing company policies related to performance, discipline, and related topics.

·     Analyzes information and data necessary to define and discern cost and policy implications of negotiations and disputes. This may include management and union proposals, pay scales and wages, benefits, working conditions, and other mitigating circumstances.

·     Researches and explains laws and legal affairs concerning employment to managers, supervisors, and employees.

·     Advises and trains managers and supervisors in best employee relations practices and strategies for managing supervisor problems and employee grievances. Develops further training as needed.

·     Represents organization in contract negotiations, meetings, and negotiations with employee and labor organizations.

·     Collaborates with leadership on matters of policy and terms of memoranda of understanding before and throughout negotiation process.

·     Collaborates with legal counsel and departments in the preparation for and participation in negotiation with employee and labor groups.

·     Performs other related duties as assigned.

 Required Skills/Abilities

·     Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·     Thorough understanding of human resources and labor relations principles, practices, and procedures.

·     Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with employees, labor officials, managers, and other stakeholders.

·     Excellent management skills.

·     Thorough understanding of state and federal laws concerning labor relations.

·     Ability to acquire a thorough understanding of the organization’s hierarchy, jobs, qualifications, compensation practices, and the administrative practices related to those factors.

·     Thorough understanding of negotiation techniques.

·     Ability to remain tactful, calm, and persuasive in controversial and/or confrontational situations. 

·     Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software. 

 Required Education and Experience

·     Bachelor’s degree in Employee Relations, Human Resources or related field.

·     Six years of professional human resource administration, including two years in employee relations OR its equivalent through training, education, and other experience.



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