Electrical Engineer/ Firmware

Senior Electrical Engineer with several years of experience to join the new electrical engineering team

  1. Lead research, development, design, test and integration of electronic and electro-mechanical efforts for medical products, consumer products and commercial equipment.
  2. Be a mentor to associate engineers.
  3. Eagerly take on new challenges and work independently.
  4. Assist in defining the culture for co.’s electrical engineering team.
  5. Practice clear and direct communication with management and customers.
  6. Manage tasks for multiple projects simultaneously.
  7. Define priorities with limited guidance according to program objectives.
  8. Lead customer meetings to obtain detailed information related to project requirements.
  9. Identify problems and formulate solutions, collect data and develop test procedures to prove or dis-prove failures and solutions.
  10. Perform formal release of documentation in support of manufacturing, meeting quality and regulatory requirements for medical devices.
  11. Assist in writing proposals, including development of tasks and costs.

Preference for:

  1. Interfacing with customers and leading customer meetings
  2. Managing requirements and troubleshooting complex issues
  3. Medical device development
  4. Industrial controls
  5. Using and/or designing motors and/or motor drives
  6. Designing and developing complex analog and digital electrical systems from concept through to production
  7. Developing embedded systems
  8. Firmware development in C/C++
  9. Designing wireless devices, antennas or other RF applications
  10. Python, LabView or MATLAB
  11. Linux command-line

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