Continuous Improvement Leader

  • Full Time
  • Portland, Maine
  • This position has been filled

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Facilitate and execute on all aspects of Operational Excellence using Lean/Six Sigma and related methodologies. Work with departments, teams, and individuals across the organization to facilitate improvements in the design, management, execution, and control of Processes. Challenge the organizational leaders as necessary to create an action-biased culture of continuous improvement and lean thinking throughout the facility.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Work with Operational Excellence Director and leadership teams to achieve significant improvements across a balanced scorecard with a focus on Customer Allegiance, Quality and Productivity.
  • Oversees the status and monitoring of operations improvement efforts
  • Coordinates the improvement dashboard(s), and facilitates the training of individuals and teams throughout the organization utilizing the Lean Enterprise tools and techniques.
  • Helps set strategic operational goals, Key performance indicators of those goals and drives continual improvement of those metrics
  • Identifies and/or generates and/or examines data to help grasp issues, draw conclusions, and solve problems
  • Develops or helps to generate ideas that provide solutions to workplace challenges
  • Facilitates and/or makes timely, informed decisions that take into account
  • Influences others to be excited and committed to furthering the organization’s objectives.
  • Conduct Kaizen activities company site wide.
  • Work with senior management in order to deploy policy deployment
  • Deploy training and organize high-performance work teams in the facility
  • Identify key individuals to support the Lean Enterprise
  • Develop and manage the 5S Program
  • Policy Deployment Steering Committee
  • Manage Kaizen, TPM and 5S activity schedule
  • Coordinate planning and review session for site (2 per year)
  • Manages performance of staff towards department and Company goals, including feedback on performance, appraisals, recommendations for merit increases or necessary disciplinary actions, communication to employees on performance, etc.
  • Carries out duties in compliance with established business policies.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the development, implementation and effectiveness of Quality Management System per ISO and other regulatory agencies.

Required educational background:

Bachelor’s degree (BS) in engineering (Mechanical or Industrial and Systems Engineering) with background in manufacturing.

Required experiential background:

  • several years in previous experience deploying Lean in a manufacturing setting.
  • Ability to work at all levels of the organization.
  • Experience developing strategy and leading a successful lean enterprise transition(s) through full maturity with sustained results.
  • Experience tracking a complex network of ongoing activities and teams, including status and timeline of each, and the anticipated impact.
  • Strong change management techniques and success influencing cultural change.