Business Analyst (Finance)

  • Temporary
  • Augusta, ME
  • This position has been filled

The Data and Finance teams are responsible for the collection and reporting of data for the purposes of funding, statutory compliance & governance. The Data and Finance teams are responsible for the technical support and ongoing development, in coordination with IT, via collection and reporting, of the Funding Model as well as supporting all departments to maintain compliance with state and federal reporting requirements via data compilation and analysis.

The Business Analyst will provide specialized business support to the Data and Finance Teams to:

  • Work with Data Systems Manager to ensure all data systems business requirements are accurately gathered, customers are being served, and communications with IT and vendors are effective to ensure that data systems meet the needs of program areas.
  • Assist the Data Systems Manager, Program Finance Coordinator and IT to realign business rules and complex business requirements for the calculation for Aid for Local Schools, its data collections and internal control processes.
  • Document all business rules and complex requirements to ensure the accuracy of the data collection, calculations, and internal validations.
  • Develop internal documentation to support the Program Finance Coordinators external calculations, including collection and calculation of all data sets, validation of all data collections, and identification of all internal control points.
  • Seek, identify and recommend processes to maximize efficiency and accuracy of external calculation validation process.
  • Assist in the identification and creation of systemic supports to maintain the subsidy calculation system and the integrity of the underlying data collections via ongoing collaboration with Program Data & Finance Teams and the Office of Information Technology to ensure that the system produces accurate calculations of subsidy allocations for administrative units, totaling $2 billion dollars.
  • Work with management to establish quality assurance practices to ensure Department data systems meet the needs of the program areas and support business initiatives while being efficient and timely.


  • Understand complex financial calculations: tasks will include validating interpreted statutory language, preparing narrative documentation of calculations and validating, creating and documenting complex calculations in Excel and other commonly used desktop software.
  • Document and describe financial accounting procedures, internal controls and public funding.
  • Partner with other stakeholder teams across program areas to develop necessary analysis and documentation in a collaborative way, communicating effectively and efficiently with production and managerial teams.
  • Evaluate, analyze, and communicate financial and operational systems requirements on a continuing basis, and maintain systems processes, including the delivery of status reports to all appropriate parties.
  • Author and update internal documentation, and formally initiate and deliver requirements and documentation.
  • Conduct daily systems analytics to maximize effectiveness and troubleshoot problems including reconciliation reports and error logs.

This is a long term (at least 8 months) on-site contract.