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  • Automation Engineer

    Design and implement a wide variety of automation and control systems with major focus on SW/HW system integration.    Design, test, and oversee implementation of new and retrofit process automation projects and equipment to manufacturing floor.    Troubleshoot existing systems for hardware, software, and electrical problems.    Identify opportunities to improve process efficiency.


    • Design and implement a wide variety of automation and control systems to complete specific manufacturing tasks.
    • Develop controls, functional specifications and system integration requirements for equipment to meet manufacturing requirements
    • Effectively troubleshoot current machine control software & hardware inclusive of HMI’s, PLC’s, VFD’s, Servos, IO and Safety devices in order to maintain process capability for automated production equipment and lines
    • Develop and implement upgrades to production equipment using continuous improvement methodologies to increase efficiency and improve quality.
    • Develop PLC and HMI applications to meet manufacturing needs and specifications.
    • Lead or participate in projects for cost reduction process improvements to address quality issues and/or reduce production cycle times. Coordinate project integration schedule, timelines, and resource requirements.
    • Review and prepare budget and cost estimates for equipment and control expenditures.
    • Conduct initial training for manufacturing personnel on equipment
    • Assist in keeping equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services as required; follow manufacturer’s instructions and established procedures; request special services.
    • Research supplier products for assembly components.
    • Review, repair and/or redesign legacy code.

    Qualifications & Skills  BS Engineering or related automation experience.  Automation Systems, Mechanical Processes, and Process Control Systems.

    • Strong knowledge of design, specification and implementation of software and/or hardware systems.
    • Programmable Logic Controller -Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc.
    • Understanding and experience in industrial electrical control systems, servos, inverters, machine and systems architecture and troubleshooting of equipment.
    • Fundamental understanding of electrical design practices, machine / motion control systems, electro-mechanical systems, robotics, programming, and system integration

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